What is Emotional Eating?

Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is the term which is used when people use to eat food to deal with their emotions rather to satisfy the hunger. The health experts states that around 75% of overeating is caused only due to emotional eating.

Most of the people feel that food will offer comfort and they often use to take food to cope up with their emotional feelings.

The biggest truth about emotional eating is that people turn to food during their negative feelings such as stress, sad, anxious and even when they feel bored.

Sometimes emotional eating occurs during positive feelings like romance, feast, or any type of personal and official celebration. The daily stresses of a person may cause emotional eating to seek comfort in food as they use to do from their childhood.

There are some facts which help to find whether the person is emotional eater or not and the facts are as follows

  • If the person eats without realizing even he is doing it.
  • If the person feels guilty or ashamed after eating

  • If the person eats very often
  • If the person eats at odd location such as car parking in own home
  • If the person eat after an unpleasant happening such as argument, death and more
  • Most commonly if the person eat when he/she is not feeling hungry
  • When person urge to eat or eat specific food after an odd experience.
  • If people eat large quantities of food or eat regularly until they feel uncomfortable or tired.

There are some reasons like situations and emotions which make people to stimulate emotional eating are


People used to eat more either around a group or by the encouragement of the other peoples gathered there.


The emotional situations like stress, fatigue, tension, anger, anxiety or depression shows a way to over eating and it is the most common factor which makes the people to eat more.


This is one of the factors where people eat as there is an opportunity, in such case the person eats because of an attractive advertisement or passing by a bakery or restaurant.


This is one of the factors which make the person to over eat or to eat often because of negative self worth.


In this factor the people eats because of physical reasons such as hunger because of skipping the meals or to recover from physical illness.

The above factors are the most common situations that made the people to become an emotional eater. People are advised to keep a note about their daily food to identify which factor made them as emotional eaters or to get an idea about their daily food habits. Making a note about their food habit will help the person to overcome the emotional eating within a period of time.

Emotional eating will interrupt one’s weight management as they tend to eat     in response to their emotions or eat without hunger. Most of the people eat junk or fatty foods which destroy their weight management and interrupt their effort in weight loss. There are few tactics or steps to regain the control of eating and to avoid over eating such as

  • Identifying the situation or trigger which develop emotional eating
  • Recognize the real hunger signal
  • Limiting the trigger food
  • Don’t skip meals at any cost
  • Create alternate steps to overcome the feelings rather than eating

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