Start 2011 with these Healthy Eating Tips

Healthy Eating

The human body is very complex and requires more than 40 types of nutrients so as to enable your day to day activities and lead a healthy living. However there is no single food item, either natural or man made, that can provide all these nutrients in the right amount. Hence, it becomes imperative for for you to follow healthy eating habits and depend on different types of food items to meet your nutritional requirements.

One of the most widely given advice both by modern health care specialists and people of older generations is to have a variety of food items all in moderation. This would help to balance the nutritional requirements. Since the nutrients have to be harnessed from a wide variety of food items, it becomes necessary to include a wide variety of food products as part of the daily menu and this is very important if you want to follow healthy eating habits. Cultivating healthy eating habits also means that you do not become dependent on one type of food item as this could lead to accumulating excessive calories or nutrients of one particular type. So whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to lead a healthy life healthy eating in 2011 is what you should plan for.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet.

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Healthy Eating Tips

If you are planning to cultivate healthy eating habits this is just the article for you. Given below are some of the healthy eating tips for better health. For the best results make sure you talk to your nutritionist or dietician for powerful healthy eating tips.

  • Eat in Moderation

This is one of the best healthy eating tips that you should follow. Anything in excess tends to do more harm than good holds true for eating habits too and it is very important that you moderate the items that you consume. Consuming food items in moderation and in shorter intervals helps you control your urge to binge or gorge on junk food or other unhealthy food items. This also helps boost your metabolism which in turn leads to weight loss.

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  • Eat Regular Meals

Often people tend to skip either breakfast or lunch due to their hectic lifestyle and this creates an adverse impact over the long run. Many a times this leads to overeating and weight gain too. At times you find yourself snacking in order to make up for a skipped meal and this is definitely a sign of healthy eating habits. In order to follow healthy eating in 2011 make sure you never skip your meals come what may.

  • Gradual Change in Food Habits

When you decide to change your food habits, it is always better to do so gradually. This is another one of the healthy eating tips that most people ignore. Changing your food habits gradually gives your body a chance to adjust to the new healthy eating habits and will not lead to unnecessary frustrations as well as other conditions.

Consume whole-Grains, Fruits and Vegetables

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables are some of the must have healthy eating food items that is very beneficial to your body. Thus include them to your regular healthy eating diet.

Healthy Eating Tips for Kids

  • Healthy Snacks

Always include healthy eating foods in your kids’ diet. This is one of the best healthy eating tips for kids. Include food items such as rice cakes, whole-grain crackers, fresh and dried fruits, Yogurt, Sticks of carrot, celery, or other raw vegetables, and cherry tomatoes with nutritious dips.

  • Avoid Food Items High on Sugar

Another healthy eating tips for kids is to avoid food items that are high on sugar.  High sugar content in your kid’s food can have adverse consequences on your child’s physical and metal performance.

  • Special Requirements

Skimmed milk is generally not preferred for kids and it is usually suggested that you give your child, whole milk at least till the age of 5. Similarly, there are many other healthy eating food items that you will have to include in your child’s healthy eating diet to supplement your child’s growth.

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Healthy Eating Pyramid

A huge amount of research has been put in by academia and health professionals to help people have a balanced diet. The United States Department of Agriculture had proposed the food guide pyramid to help people have a well balanced diet. This table was vastly criticized by activists and was blamed to be highly influenced by the lobbyists working for the agriculture, meat and dairy industries.  The case of activists was strengthened by the fact that USDA very widely recommended large portions when compared to the studies by World Health Organization and NHS. This table then gave way to a more sophisticated and improved table known as the Healthy Eating Pyramid. This comprehensive and self instructional guide was developed by researchers of the premier Harvard School of Public health. The healthy eating pyramid primarily differs from the highly criticized food guide pyramid as it explicitly differentiates between refined grains and whole grains. Additionally, the healthy eating pyramid also distinguishes between saturated fats and unsaturated fats and also concentrates on regular exercise and weight control. The healthy pyramid in common parlance can be described as a instructional guide to common public on what to eat and what are the things that should be avoided. It also gives the specific amount of a particular food group that is required for healthy eating.

Healthy Eating Pyramid

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The healthy eating pyramid recommends including 1 piece of whole grain food for most meals. The whole grain food can be oatmeal, whole-wheat bread and brown rice. The healthy eating pyramid also recommends 2 oz of Plant oils to be used in cooking. At least 6 oz of vegetables is recommended along with 4 oz of fruits. Nuts and legumes should be promoted to 2 oz per serving while diary or calcium supplement should be entertained for 1-2 servings. For non fat products, 8 oz is recommended whereas in case of whole fat, only 4 oz is suggested. The healthy eating pyramid also recommends 1-2 servings of poultry, fish and eggs with each serving being 4 oz. The use of white rice, white bread, potatoes, pasta and sweets should be considerably limited. Also, the healthy eating pyramid recommends only sparing use of red meat and butter. The quantities specified by the healthy eating pyramid are quite generic and the exact amounts of calorie required by an individual depends upon a large number of factors including the persons sex, age and lifestyle.

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