Eating Disorder Symptoms and Warning Signs

Eating Disorder Symptoms

Eating disorder symptoms will include a number of symptoms and warning signs that will affect health.

Listed out below are some of the common side effects of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, which might help to reveal health problems because of eating disorder symptoms. This will include the following categories of symptoms to differentiate the types of eating disorder symptoms and warning signs.

Eating Disorder Warning Signs

Eating Disorder Warning Signs will include a compulsory interest in maintains the health and adopting for healthy food and nutrition with an observed sudden interest in reading food labels to check the fat and calories.

Individuals will tend to choose fat based food and will become increasingly choosy on the food to eat and begin a diet regime for losing weight or to get healthier. Some people also unexpectedly try to turn to become a vegetarian, will refuse to go for desserts, skip meals like breakfast, avoid from telling the truth on how they have avoided from taking food and give false information on the food consumed. Other eating disorder symptoms will include worrying much about weight gain and loss or body appearance; drink too much water and liquid with subsequent lack of concentration.

Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa is yet another eating disorder and eating disorder warning signs for this syndrome will include a sudden significant weight loss, denial of the weight they have lost, feeling too cold, extensive hair loss, dizziness and fainting. Other eating disorder symptoms for anorexia nervosa will include growth of fine hair in the body and face, also known as lanugo, desire to cook for others and not eat for you, with the appearance of yellowish skin tone due to poor functioning of the liver.

Anorexia Symptoms

Some of the unusual symptoms of anorexia, if not treated at an earlier stage are guilt of physical appearance, social withdrawal, flat mood and lack of emotion, thin appearance, irregularities during menstrual cycle, constipation, irregular heart beat or arrhythmias or low blood pressure.

Bulimia Eating Disorder Symptoms

Bulimia eating disorder symptoms will include the following like constant stomach problems exhibited as flus, aches and pains, poor digestion and heartburn. Other trouble will include complaining of sore throat, hoarseness and trouble swallowing, sudden sensitivity to other food that you have not taken before. Some of the eating disorder warning signs will include swollen cheeks and puffy face from purging, use of laxatives, diet pills, diuretics or poison, blood shot eyes and vomiting, dental caries and fluctuation in weight owing to binging and starving becoming an alternative schedule.

Other signs and symptoms of bulimia will include recklessness with the physical image, abnormal bowel movements, damaged teeth and functioning, swollen salivary glands in the cheeks, arrhythmias and developing toilet practices or feeling the sensation and urge to toilet following dinner and lunch.

Binge Eating Disorder Symptoms

Binge eating disorder symptoms will include a roller coaster in chronic dieting, episodes of out of control while eating, episodes of binge eating or eating too much when is time to stop and starting to steal food to eat. Other eating disorder warning signs are eating in secret to avoid the shame of being caught, trying to grab a bite when not hungry also, eating emotionally, rapidly and not taking time to taste the food, eating until felling stuffed and not knowing when to stop food.

This is one the eating disorder that in contrast to other eating disorders will result in excessive eating of food, when there is no feeling to even eat. This will include eating a normal meal or snack, and will involve feeling depressed, disgusted or upset and eat to feel consoled and comforted. These people will prefer binge eating and ultimately will gain weight.

Eating disorder will involve combinations of signs, symptoms and causes of eating disorders that do not occur in isolation but is in general associated with psychiatric and addictive disorders. Some of the other disorders related to eating disorders are orthorexia and body dysmorphic disorder.

Despite the various symptoms of eating disorders that share the common roots depending on the genetics, environmental factors, medical past history of you and your family members, experiences in life are some of the reasons responsible for co-occurrence of psychiatric and addictive disorders.

Sometimes emotional changes are associated with eating disorders and can occur in either ways

  • Self withdrawal and not being isolated by the family, especially in cases to avoid questions on disease or visible physical and medical side effects.
  • Avoidance of meals and situations when the food is present in the public, but in binge eating disorder, the symptom will be quite contrary that the candidate patient will like to eat meal food when others are not present or in hiding.
  • Preoccupied thoughts over the weight, size, shape and body aspects of one’s own appearance and structure.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder will include the extra care in the intake of calories and burning calories like losing weight in significant amounts.

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