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Smoker’s Cough

Smoking is associated with a wide range of ill effects to your health and those around you and Smokers cough is one such ill effect. Smokers cough is particularly seen in long term chronic smokers who are addicted to the habit for a prolonged period of time. Most new smokers usually do not develop this condition. Many consider that the onset of smokers cough is a strong indication from the human body that smoking has started to cause irreparable loss. Apart from smokers, smokers cough is also seen in people working in unhealthy environments. For example, it has been observed to appear in people who work in environments that exposes the body to lung, nasal and throat irritants.

Just like smoking, continued long term exposure to these irritants becomes harmful to health and could ultimately lead to smokers cough.  The cough is broadly categorized into two, one is the dry cough and the other one is the chesty cough. The characteristic that separates these two coughs are that the chesty cough is accompanied with a lot of mucus. Both are equally painful and need to be seriously considered for further treatment.


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Sun Poisoning Rash

Sun poisoning or Sun poisoning rash is a common medical condition these days and has the potential to cause long term damage including skin cancer. In United States, sunburn is common across both the sexes and various age groups. The children are at relatively high risk when compared to the adults. Over 80% of the children have been affected by sunburns whereas the occurrence of Sun poisoning rash drops in adults and usually has been recorded to be in between 30% to 40%. Increasingly, people are getting more and more educated about sun poisoning rash and have been taking preventive steps to avoid or to reduce the impact of sunburns on their skin.

Sun Poisoning Rash

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Healthy Eating

The human body is very complex and requires more than 40 types of nutrients so as to enable your day to day activities and lead a healthy living. However there is no single food item, either natural or man made, that can provide all these nutrients in the right amount. Hence, it becomes imperative for for you to follow healthy eating habits and depend on different types of food items to meet your nutritional requirements.

One of the most widely given advice both by modern health care specialists and people of older generations is to have a variety of food items all in moderation. This would help to balance the nutritional requirements. Since the nutrients have to be harnessed from a wide variety of food items, it becomes necessary to include a wide variety of food products as part of the daily menu and this is very important if you want to follow healthy eating habits. Cultivating healthy eating habits also means that you do not become dependent on one type of food item as this could lead to accumulating excessive calories or nutrients of one particular type. So whether you are trying to lose weight or just trying to lead a healthy life healthy eating in 2011 is what you should plan for.

Fresh vegetables are important components of a healthy diet.

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Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is one of most common forms of cancer found in human beings. The three different types of skin cancers are squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and melanoma. These three types of skin cancers are named after the type of skin cells where the cancer occurs. Usually skin cancer develops on the outermost layers of the skin which makes most forms of skin cancer detectable in their early stages. Also, though skin cancer can cause disfiguration, it is very rare that people die due to skin cancer, except in case of melanoma. Melanoma is not a very common type of skin cancer but it is the most serious and fatal type of skin cancer and it is mostly caused due to over exposure to sun for long periods. The most common type of skin cancer is the basal cell skin cancer. Together both the BCC and SCC are known as nonmelanoma skin cancer.

Anatomy of the human skin

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