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Male Eating Disorders

If you are thinking of eating disorders, the first candidate to come to your mind is the female candidate. Hardly people will think of men having eating disorder, as this is conventionally believed that women tend to slim down and diet intensively or they are more prone to become comfort eaters under distressing situations.

However, this is not the case, as with changing trends and increasing awareness in health consciousness with modernization and lifestyle changes, men also seemed to develop eating disorders.

Male Anorexia Nervosa

Anorexia nervosa in males has been one of the most neglected syndromes, and most of the men are ashamed to accept this. In addition, research has shown that eating disorder in men has been quite common in adolescent men than in much elderly men.

Most of the reasons and symptoms in men with eating disorder and bulimia nervosa are similar; expect that in women, eating disorder affect mensus, while in men he will find that there is a decrease in sexual interest and drive to have sex.

Genes are the elements responsible for us looking similar to our parents. This fact is has been proved but hardly any one has the idea that genes are not responsible for the wrinkles or signs of ageing.

Dermatologist, Dr. Jeanine B. Downie, of the American board of Dermatology has found out the same and provides suggestions to minimize the effects of skin damage.

Some external factors are responsible for skin ageing and it’s not the inherited genes which result in the ageing symptoms. Dr. Downie mentions the external factors responsible for this are due to smoking, sunlight exposure, drinking less water & stress.

A recent study conducted by Skin Cancer Foundation in America, revealed that around 40% of the adults in America do not use a sunscreen while moving out of their homes. According to her this should not be done and one should apply a sunscreen with at least SPF 15 when they move outdoors.

She says that one should apply a sunscreen irrespective of their skin tone or the weather outside. She says that if people don’t take care of this, then it could actually lead to lines and wrinkles which are the signs of ageing.

Eating Disorders in Young Children

Eating Disorders in Young Children is also known as “childhood anorexia”, while eating disorders in teen is also known as “anorexia nervosa”.

These are conditions of eating disorders that can ultimately result in delayed puberty, growth and breast development.

Yet another eating disorder in young children is bulimia nervosa, in which, the children and teen develop the habit of binge eating resulting in overweight or abnormal eating disorders in young children and eating disorders in teens.

Parents can do a great help in supporting their teens and kids to deal with anorexia

  • Remember to rule out medical and psychological illnesses or disorders.

Complications of Eating Disorders

There are many men and women in this world all suffering from effects of eating disorders that goes unnoticed or is created because of stigma for losing weight.

For those with anorexia that can be slightly overweight this will result in another kind of eating disorder of eating in excess, which also goes unnoticed, as your loved ones will never want to hurt you by saying that you are eating in excess.

The patients will vary from the amount of suffering that they will undergo, and the danger that they are going to face will not visible in the outward appearance or the emotional conflicts going inside, all in combination contributing to the complications of eating disorders.

Dangers Associated With Eating Disorders

  • Malnutrition results as an effect of eating disorders, which will involve reduced eating or over eating. This is represented as deficiency in nutrition, energy, protein and micronutrients, for example, vitamin A, iodine and iron in isolation or in combination. This can lead to other complications in the body like respiratory infections, blindness, kidney failure, heart attack and death.

Eating Disorder Symptoms

Eating disorder symptoms will include a number of symptoms and warning signs that will affect health.

Listed out below are some of the common side effects of anorexia, bulimia and binge eating, which might help to reveal health problems because of eating disorder symptoms. This will include the following categories of symptoms to differentiate the types of eating disorder symptoms and warning signs.

Eating Disorder Warning Signs

Eating Disorder Warning Signs will include a compulsory interest in maintains the health and adopting for healthy food and nutrition with an observed sudden interest in reading food labels to check the fat and calories.

Individuals will tend to choose fat based food and will become increasingly choosy on the food to eat and begin a diet regime for losing weight or to get healthier. Some people also unexpectedly try to turn to become a vegetarian, will refuse to go for desserts, skip meals like breakfast, avoid from telling the truth on how they have avoided from taking food and give false information on the food consumed. Other eating disorder symptoms will include worrying much about weight gain and loss or body appearance; drink too much water and liquid with subsequent lack of concentration.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the period when many women develop cravings for food at some point of the time. Some of the most popular cravings in women are for salty or sweet foods, while a few have reported cravings for spicy or fatty foods.

An expecting mother’s diet is very important during pregnancy as this decides the healthiness of the baby, and when born should have a minimum of approximately 25 pounds during birth. Other eating nutritional food that are required during pregnancy will include protein, iron and calcium rich food and avoiding or minimizing drugs like caffeine, alcohol and nicotine.

Reasons for Food Cravings During Pregnancy

There are very many reasons why women experience cravings for food during pregnancy and the simplest explanation is that the body is working twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week for growing the baby healthily. Some of these cravings are because of the requirement of the body for additional calories of energy required during pregnancy.

Other reasons for cravings will include nutritional deficiencies, as vegetarians will experience unusual cravings for steak and red meat, while this could be a symbol for need of iron.

Many other women will like to have that food that they would otherwise would not have touched. There are not very many reasons for the strong sensitivity to cravings amongst pregnant woman and no scientific basis has been given.

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What is an Eating Disorder?

An eating disorder is the consumption of food in extremes. When there is a severe disturbance in the eating behavior exemplified as either in the reduction in the intake of food or as overeating, or a disruption in the eating pattern owing to bad feelings expressed as concerns on body weight and shape.

Eating disorders are quite complex with the amount of food being consumed are lesser or more than usual, respite the failure for clarification is still not well established on the biological, behavioral and social underpinnings these illnesses.

Exercises for Pregnancy

Yoga is one of the greatest techniques in world for being away from stress and tension. This has some techniques which help people who are pregnant and in some countries this is being treated as the technique only available for pregnancy. The main reason for people considering in this manner is yoga helps pregnant woman to feel relax, flexible to situation and prepares themselves to giving birth to a new child.

If you are the one interested in learning this kind of yoga then there are many ways like moving to yoga class or with a help of yoga books you can do the same at home or using video tapes. But make sure of one thing before doing any one of this, consult your physician whether this kind of yoga suits your body condition or not.

The reason for telling this is that if you have normal pregnancy then there is no harm in doing yoga but this is not the same case with other kind of pregnancy.

Also if you do yoga for conceiving a baby then you should stop that yoga once you are conceived hence consulting with your yoga professional as well as physician is the good choice before doing any one.

The reason for pregnant woman advised to do yoga is that it teaches them how to relax, breath, stretch and even how to strengthen their body, mind and spirit during pregnancy and even after that.

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